Successful rugby clubs are more than just about the teams we field on the pitch. Players and coaches are vitally important but so are the dedicated volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help our club function. We believe they are the lifeblood of a sustainable club, and without which our club simply will not survive.

As a volunteer we know you don’t have to be a rugby expert to get involved. Whether you are a current or former player, a spouse or partner, or someone who has never even played the game, you could have what it takes to make a difference as a valued volunteer at Bournemouth Rugby.

The benefits of volunteering are specific to each individual. The inclusive environment of a community rugby club such as ours, is a rewarding place to be for people with differing skills. There are opportunities to get involved for people of all ages, and some of the benefits include:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence

  • Learning and developing new skills

  • Enhancing work experience and building a CV

  • Being active and improving health and wellbeing

  • Meeting new people and broadening your social network

  • Giving something back to the game you love

  • Making a difference in the community

  • Having fun!

How Do I Volunteer at Bournemouth Rugby?
The benefits of volunteering at the rugby club are clear, but what kinds of roles are available and what sort of people are wanted? As a club we are keen to help and provide some guidelines to the initial questions budding volunteers may have. We want to make your experience as a rugby volunteering as easy and enjoyable as possible.

What sort of skills and attributes are we looking for?
Enthusiasm is the key. As long as that is present, we will welcome you with open arms. Whether you can raise vital funds, promote the club, assist with accounting or organisation, the club will be lucky to have your help.

What sort of volunteering opportunities are available?
There we have a host of roles ranging from fundraising, public relations, becoming an active member of committee through to helping with general tasks on training or match day. Some tasks can be done from home, others at the club. We have no absolute definitions of these roles, our role descriptions are flexable and we take a one club approach working together within our roles to get the job done.

If you need further information:

  • Email Wendy King -

  • Visit the club shop at Chapel Gate

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