Distinguished and Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members

Brown, Nigel

Harrison, Paul

McCabe, Denis

Reeve, Roger

Richardson, David

Warren, Doug

Warren, Jo

Watton, David

Wright, Wally
Wally joined BRFC in 1957 and was a committee member from 1969. He was Chairman from 1972-77 and along with Derek Ward introduced mini rugby to the club in 1974. He is a Life Vice President and Immediate Past President of the Sports Club. Wally was also President of Dorset & Wilts from 2002-3 and is now an Honorary Life Vice President of Dorset & Wilts. He was the RFU Liaison for 7 Junior International matches hosted by BRFC.

Yeoman, Nigel

Life Vice President

Dunn, David

Honorary Club Doctor

Baker, Matt

Sports Club Trustee

Richard Williams

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