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Sat 28 Oct 2017, 15:00

Bournemouth RFC

31 - 20

(HT 19-3)

Lydney RFC

Bournemouth RFC

Season 2017/2018 • 31st League Season

South West Premier • Level 5

Bournemouth (6th) v Lydney (13th)

Match Sponsors: Grosvenor Casinos

Saturday, 28 October, KO 3pm at Chapel Gate

Result: Bournemouth 31/5t3c-20/3tcp Lydney
HT: 19/3t2c-3/p

A banana skin avoided against a side that belied their lowly position

Bournemouth: Grant Hancox/3c, Harry Davis, Freddie Gleadowe/t, Scott Chislett, Alex Everett-Bolter/t, Adam Davies/t, Sam Hardcastle/t, Pat Fraser, Frazer Wilford, Alan Manning/t, Tom Napier, Adam MacDonald, Richard Sharp, Alexander Bennett, Joe Rees/C. Substitutes: Dave McDonald, Tom Stevens, Alex Sutherland, Frazer. Touch Judge: Gavin Fisher. DoR: Will Croker. Coach: Jon Sanchez. Manager: Andrew Evans. Medical Team: Steve Trapp. 1st XV Debut: Tom Stevens. Home Debut: Harry Davis. Conker Gin Man of the Match: Alan Manning. Milestones: Alan Manning plays his 250th league match. Frazer Wilford plays hooker for the 100th time in the league. He is the leading hooker. Grant Hancox passes 100 (105) points for the season (in all matches). Records: Sam Hardcastle extends his own league-career records to 913 points and 176 tries.

Referee: Kevin Williams.

No changes to the back line that played Exmouth last week. In the front row in the absence of the unavailable Luca Firetto, Alan Manning moved out to tighthead and Frazer Wilford took over at hooker. Otherwise the forwards were the same. Making his 1st XV debut, Tom Stevens replaced Frazer on the bench.

The weather was fine and sunny although there was a fresh to strong breeze blowing from the West straight down the pitch. Underfoot, the pitch looked in good nick.

Lydney kicked off into the wind, right to left as viewed from the stand and to their left.

A Bournemouth knock on receiving the kick off gave the visitors an early advantage and it was against the run of play that Bournemouth had an early score. Having managed to clear up field, good Bournemouth handling from a scrum mid-field going right put Davies into space and the fly-half outpaced the defence to score just to the right of the post. Full back Hancox kicked his 101st point of the season and Bournemouth lead 7-nil just four minutes into the game. Again Lydney were able to take advantage from the kick off when the Bournemouth throw-in at a line-out was not straight and No 8 Angus Southon broke right. Kingsley Bower coming off his wing joined in the fun and the left winger, with a strong run, took play into the Bournemouth 22m where Lydney were awarded a penalty. Fly-half Ollie Lock found touch to his right and Lydney had an attacking line-out on the Bournemouth 5m. This chance went begging when Bennett nicked the ball and having driven the ball initially it was released to Hardcastle and the scrum-half hoofed down field for another Lydney line-out but this time on the half-way line. Not quite so threatening. Even better Bournemouth managed to recover the ball and set up a promising attack when they first went right but coming back left Bennett was penalized for ‘holding on’ and Southon was able to press his hosts back left to just outside the 22m. Rather untidily Lydney managed to tip the ball to scrum-half Matty Williams who got it moving right but when they came back left the Bournemouth defence was such that Lydney were penalized in trying to keep the move going. From his 22m, Davies found sanctuary of the touch to his right for a Bournemouth line-out outside the Lydney 22m. A knock on at the back of the line-out, a Lydney scrum where Bournemouth were penalized gave Southon again the opportunity to press Bournemouth back to the half-way line. Going right, in the face of a stout Bournemouth defence, which was to prove typical of the afternoon as the Lydney threes often found it difficult to make any significant progress, turn over ball saw Gleadowe counter going right supported by Davis who made a typical strong mazy run. Again however the ball carrier was penalized for holding on but Southon was only able to find touch on his own 22m. Advantage still to Bournemouth. This was exploited with a ‘not straight’, a scrum and a strong attack going left. Davis came into the line and was stopped just short. Lydney knocked on in the contact for a Bournemouth scrum just ten metres out left of the posts which enabled Bournemouth to maintain the pressure despite the loss of the ball. An untidy scrum but Hardcastle, in characteristic fashion, tidied up the situation with a ‘dart’ and he just managed to get over under the posts. Hancox completed that particular scenario and Bournemouth lead 14-0 with less than 20 minutes gone. Lydney struck back a few minutes later when they recovered the restart and attacked first to the right then back left before running out of room. Bournemouth took a quick line-out going left but from a scrum Southon and Williams combined to attack dangerously to the right. Bournemouth were penalized defending and Locke kicked his first goal of the afternoon to peg Bournemouth back at 3-14 after some 25 minutes. The dangerous Bower showed what a threat he was when he ran the restart back but Lydney were penalized for ‘holding on’ and Davies punished them by finding an excellent touch on the Lydney 22m to his right. MacDonald secured the ball at the back and the Bournemouth forwards drove before releasing the ball left. Snappy passing saw the ball in Everett-Bolter’s hands and the left winger scored for the second successive week. Hancox was unable to convert but Bournemouth had a ‘three-score’ lead at 19-3 with less than half-an-hour gone. Lydney continued to cause doubt in the minds of the home fans about what might be the final outcome of this match when they turned the ball over at the restart to again threaten dangerously and it needed the alert Hardcastle to be on hand to clear a fly-hack in behind the defence. Nonetheless Lydney were still deep in enemy territory with a line-out just 15 or so metres out down their left flank. Openside Harry Brown got close driving off the line-out with Bournemouth desperately defending but when Williams released the ball right, Lydney were penalized for ‘holding on’ in midfield. Bournemouth took the penalty ‘quickly’ and went right. They took play into the Lydney half where they were penalized but referee Williams reversed the penalty for Lydney ‘talking’ and Hancox was asked to kick for goal. By the full back’s standards, it was horribly pulled and Lydney had a 22m drop out. Davies fielded the ball and had a drop goal attempt from near the half-way line. When it went over the dead-ball line the referee gave Lydney the put-in at a scrum from where the ball was kicked. Bournemouth managed to turn the ball over and Chislett made a great break but the ball was thrown forward in the tackle for a Lydney scrum inside their own 22m. Lydney made good progress up field through their threes and got to their 10m where they were awarded a scrum. Southon broke off the back going left. Although Lydney maintained good ball retention the Bournemouth defence denied them any significant progress and in fact induced the knock on for a Bournemouth scrum on the half-way line. A Bournemouth ‘hand in the scrum’ saw Lydney take a quick penalty going right but from a scrum on their 10m Bournemouth attacked dangerously in the face of a determined Lydney defence. When the attack broke down, Williams blew to end the half.

Left wing Bower was soon in the action from the restart taking the ball back into the the Bournemouth half. Again, showing good ball retention, Lydney moved the ball deeper into the Bournemouth half but the Bournemouth defence held and were awarded a scrum when the ball was ‘held up’. Going left Gleadowe made a big dent but Everett-Bolter could not hold on and Lydney had a scrum on the half-way line. Lydney went left from the scrum but Bournemouth were penalized for a high tackle and Locke found touch back to his right on the Bournemouth 22m. Bournemouth resisted the drive off the line-out and the maul crabbed sideways into midfield and were awarded a scrum for their efforts. That became a mixed blessing as the Bournemouth struggled to contain the Lydney shove. Rees managed to tidy up at the back and Davies completed the job by clearing right. Chasing down the kick, Chislett was ‘yellow carded’ for a high tackle as Lydney ran the ball back. Locke found touch to his left 10 metres out from the Bournemouth try line, a forward drive and a score only reinforced some of the self-doubts amongst some of us Bournemouth supporters. Locke failed to convert from wide out leaving the score at 19-8 ten minutes into the half. Stevens, on for MacDonald earlier, fielded the restart and Bournemouth ran the ball back into the Lydney 22m with a sweeping move but Gleadowe was penalized for ‘holding on’ when the Bournemouth support failed to clear out the contact zone. From the resulting line-out outside the Lydney 10m, the Lydney forwards drove the ball but Rees managed to steal it but as Bournemouth tried to go forward Lydney were awarded a scrum. Going left Lydney faced a sound Bournemouth defence which induced the knock on for a Bournemouth scrum outside the Lydney 22m. Despite again struggling to hold the Lydney shove Bournemouth managed to move the ball left and hooker Wilford almost drove over for a score. Maintaining the pressure Bournemouth went right from a 5m scrum where Hardcastle had another dart but, when he was held up short, Manning had the necessary power and support to be driven over for his first score of the season which was some sort of compensation for his father missing the Chelsea game against AFC Bournemouth. It also secure the first ‘home’ try-scoring bonus point of the season. Hancox, dare I say, inexplicably missed the conversion when he pushed the ball past the near post but Bournemouth lead 24-8 half-way through the half. Any comfortable feeling the home support might have harboured was quickly disabused when again showing excellent ball retention the Lydney threes ran the ball back and right winger Tai Lakibuka was over for an excellent try left of the posts. Locke kicked the goal and Bournemouth were once again pegged back at 24-15 with quarter of an hour left. Lydney kicked the restart back but Rees failed to hold on to Sutherland’s pass and Bournemouth were immediately back under pressure with a Lydney scrum outside the Bournemouth 22m. First of all attacking down the ‘short side’ Lydney moved the ball back left but were forced to yield a scrum to Bournemouth in the midfield. Rees broke off the back and set up a surging movement which took play into the Lydney 22m but again Bournemouth were penalized and Locke was able to relieve the pressure by finding touch to his right on the half-way line. Bournemouth won the throw-in which ignited a bit of a fracas resulting in a Lydney yellow card and the referee having a chat with the Lydney captain. Davies found touch to his left outside the Lydney 22m but Bournemouth managed to mess up the throw in and to make matters worse were penalized for ‘wheeling’ the resultant scrum. Driving off the line-out the Lydney forwards ran into each other. Taking the penalty quickly, Bournemouth went right first through Chislett then Manning who, with a disconcerting turn of pace, took play into the Lydney 22m where the supporting Gleadowe took over causing much excitement amongst the home crowd to score under the posts. Hancox did his bit and Bournemouth lead 31-15 with perhaps five or so minutes left to play. This score really got things going though. Napier secured the restart and fed Rees but the pass to Gleadowe was forward. From the scrum Lydney pressed Bournemouth back with a little chip but an excellent tackle by Hancox forced rhe ball into touch for a Bournemouth throw-in on their own 22m. Bournemouth went right and this set up another exciting surge up field with Manning again in the van but the ball didn’t go to hand and Lydney recovered with another strong run by Bower going right. He was penalized for ‘holding on’ and Davies found touch to his left outside the Lydney 10m. Lydney knocked on in the line-out but when Bournemouth went right from the scrum, there was Williams lurking behind enemy lines to intercept that little off load. His canny little chip set Locke free and the fly-half scored wide out. That his conversion failed to go over hardly mattered because the referee blew for no side as the ball flew wide to leave Bournemouth 31-20 victors.

With both Exmouth and Maidenhead having lost away, Bournemouth jump three places to third. Please note that the official tables show us on 26 points as we have been credited with three try-scoring bonus points when it is only two. We remain third however due to our superior points difference compared to that of Cleve.

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