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Ivybridge RFC
Bournemouth RFC

Bournemouth RFC

Season 2017/2018 • 31st League Season

South West Premier • Level 5

Ivybridge (11th) v Bournemouth (3rd)

Saturday, 4 November, KO 2.30pm at Cross in Hand

Result: Ivybridge 39/5t4c2p-51/7t5c2p Bournemouth
HT: 15/2t2cp-29/4t3cp

5 points ‘on the road’. 12 tries all told. What was there not to like?

Bournemouth: Grant Hancox/5c2p, Harry Davis, Freddie Gleadowe, Alex Sutherland/t, Alex Everett-Bolter/2t, Adam Davies/t, Sam Hardcastle/2t, Pat Fraser, Frazer Wilford/t, Alan Manning, Jack Hennings, Mike Treloar, Dave McDonald, Alexander Bennett, Joe Rees/C. Substitutes: Joe Spiller, Tom Stevens. Unused: Will Croker. Touch Judge: Gavin Fisher. DoR: Will Croker. Coach: Jon Sanchez. Manager: Andrew Evans. Medical Team: Andy Curtis. 1st XV Debut: James Thorne. Conker Gin Man of the Match: Sam Hardcastle. Milestones: Grant Hancox passes 600 (611) points in all matches and scores 100 points in the league this season.

Referee: Max Weston. Adviser: Bob McCrudden.

Just one change to the back line that played Lydney last week, Alex Sutherland coming in for the injured Scott Chislett at inside centre. The original selection, James Thorne, was injured in the warm-up and Alex came off the bench to replace him. Will Croker, one of the two available registered players, drew the ‘short straw’ to replace Alex but the coaches decided not to use those unquestioned talents. The front row remained the same but both locks were unavailable and were replaced by players coming back from injury; Jack Hennings, having missed the whole of October and Mike Treloar making his first start for the 1st XV this season having been injured in pre-season training. In the back row, Dave McDonald came off the bench to replace Richard Sharp at blindside flanker and Joe Spiller replaced Dave on the bench.

The weather was fine and sunny with a breeze blowing from the North blowing straight down the pitch from left to right as viewed from the clubhouse. Underfoot, the pitch looked in good nick having seen very little of the rain that was about that had fallen over the previous 24 hours..

Ivybridge kicked off into the wind, right to left as viewed from the clubhouse and to their left.

Ivybridge put Bournemouth under much pressure at the start but when they did drag themselves to the half-way line, Hancox was given the chance to kick for goal. Although the full back had the distance down the wind, he pulled the ball to the right of the near post. Fly-half Davies ran the ball back from the drop out with a mazy run but couldn’t quite make it to the try line. Bournemouth knocked the ball on for an Ivybridge put in on the 5m. Bournemouth managed to win it and Hardcastle wriggled his way through to score just left of the posts. Hancox kicked the goal and Bournemouth were on their way at 7-nil after nearly a quarter of hour’s play. Ivybridge were penalized at the restart and Davies put the home side under pressure by finding touch inside the Ivybridge 22m to his left. A Bournemouth drive was held up over the line but from the scrum Bournemouth went right and Sutherland scored. Hancox converted and Bournemouth lead 14-nil after some 20 minutes. Ivbridge’s fly-half, Luke Martell, hanging restarts caused Bournemouth a number of problems and this particular one was not secured by Bournemouth initially but when they did rather fortuitously manage to grab the bouncing ball they knocked it on for an Ivybridge scrum. Ben Watts, the Ivybridge scrum-half, broke right, the first of a number of dangerous threats to the Bournemouth defence but was penalized for ‘holding on’ and Davies was able to clear the danger by finding touch to his left on the Ivybridge 10m. Going right from the line-out, Mike Treloar came into the line to make a typical charge. Coming back left Hancox made a great break and Everett-Bolter was put away for the left winger to score in the corner. From close to the touch line Hancox pulled his kick at goal across the face of the posts but Bournemouth lead 19-nil with less than 25 minutes played. Bournemouth struck back straight from the restart with an Manning charge supported by right wing Davis but Ivybridge managed to keep them out at the expense of a Bournemouth throw-in on their 5m. Bournemouth drove off the line-out before releasing the ball left. Another drive for the line was ‘held up’ under the posts for a Bournemouth scrum. Davies went right on another of his runs and he was over for an excellent score and the bonus point. Hancox kicked another excellent goal and Bournemouth lead 26-nil with less than half-an-hour gone. Ivybridge were not down, let alone out, and a strong attack right, spearheaded by outside centre Lewis Paterson, had Bournemouth on the back foot and when referee Weston, having played advantage, came back for a penalty Martell kicked the goal from the Bournemouth 5m to reduce the arrears at 26-3. However Hancox promptly reestablished the difference more or less straight from the restart when Ivybridge having spilled the ball and with the referee signalling advantage being played Davies supported by Gleadowe went right but when no advantage materialized Weston came back to the original offence in front of goal. A Hancox goal and Bournemouth lead 29-3. If Bournemouth felt they had this ‘in the bag’ they were in for a rude shock. Ivybridge’s lively threes saw to that. Bournemouth knocked the ball on at the restart and again with Weston playing advantage Martell swung the ball wide right and Ivybridge were over in the corner in a trice for an excellent score and something for the home supporters to cheer about. Martell pushed his kick at goal across the face of the posts but Ivybridge had made a dent in the deficit at 29-8 with five or more minutes of the half left. Ivybridge ran Davies’s restart back with another very lively attack and only a good tackle short of the line prevented another score but Bournemouth were penalized with Weston having a ‘chat’ with captain Joe Rees about matters. Ivybridge opted for a scrum on the 5m. Driving the scrum back Ivybridge opted for another scrum when Bournemouth were penalized again this time for losing their binding. Ivybridge released the ball left and left wing Billy Pinkus was over in the corner. Martell kicked an excellent goal into that wind and Ivybridge had halved the deficit at 29-15 going into the half-time break.

Bournemouth were on the defensive right from the start of the second half. A neat little chip by Paterson saw the Bournemouth defence scrambling back. However they did recover and worked their way back up field where Ivybridge were caught off side. Davies found touch to his left and suddenly Bournemouth found themselves inside the Ivybridge 22m. Bournemouth drove off the line-out and when they were stopped short of the line, Hardcastle managed to wriggle his way through a melee of defenders to score his second try of the afternoon. Hancox kicked the goal and Bournemouth had stretched their lead to 36-15. For that not to be enough as it turned out was quite astonishing. Perhaps even more astonishing was the way full back Charlie Braint weaved his way through the Bournemouth defence to make his contribution to what was proving to be an astonishing match. Martell kicked the goal and Bournemouth’s relatively comfortable position again took on another altogether different aspect at 36-22. Anything you can do and all that saw Bournemouth come straight back when Bournemouth recovered the ball at the restart. Everett-Bolter had a run again with Weston playing another advantage but play was brought back to the original offence and Davies found touch to his right just 10 metres out from the Ivybridge line. Again Bournemouth drove off the line-out ‘crabbing’ the maul infield where hooker Wilford was driven over for his first score of the season. Hancox pulled his effort to the left of the posts but Bournemouth had almost doubled their lead at 41-22. Tom Stevens fielded the restart and the ball was released to Sutherland. The centre made ground before releasing it to Everett-Bolter and the winger was not going to be denied even from some 40 metres out with a strong run. From wide out on the ‘wrong side’ for the left-footed kicker, Hancox kicked another excellent goal and Bournemouth had an impregnable? lead at 48-22. However there was still half-an-hour to go in this topsy turvey game, plenty of time to win and lose this. Just to reinforce the point right wing Damon Ackerman finished off another great break by Watts to score in the corner, 48-27. Then they came straight back following a break by openside Jordan Anderton and Watts finished off a great move with some amazing running of his own to score. With Martell kicking the goal 48-34 looked decidedly wobbly and still with some 20 minutes to go. If Bournemouth had been guilty of complacency then they certainly tightened things up in the face of this threat from an Ivybridge side with their tails up. A line-out inside the Ivybridge 22m saw Bennett drive over the gain line but the concerted drive by the forwards was held up for an Ivybridge scrum. A long kick down field lifted the siege but again, with Bennett again securing the throw-in, Bournemouth drove off the line-out denying Ivybridge the ball. However they did manage to turn it over and again cleared long fielded by Davies who ran the ball back. Ivybridge were penalized in trying to stop the move and the fly-half found touch to his right on the half-way line. Not straight gave Ivybridge the put in at a scrum and again scrum-half Watts found the gap in the Bournemouth defensive line. He was well supported by Paterson and the centre rounded off a move that got the home support in a tizz to score left of the posts. Martell pushed his effort across the face of the goal but at 48-39 it was all getting very tight. Bournemouth’s nerves were eased a little when Hancox kicked his seventh goal of the afternoon for a 51-39 lead when Ivybridge were offside at the restart. For the last couple of minutes, ‘keep ball’ stifled any Ivybridge threat and at the appropriate moment the ball was happily booted off the field for Weston to blow for no side.

The surprise result of the afternoon I suppose was Dings losing at home to Camborne which means it is very tight at the top. We remain third even though we have one point less than the 31 officially shown as we have mistakenly been credited with an extra try-scoring bonus. Points difference makes the crucial difference between us and fourth-placed Cleve. With six, Man of the Match Sam Hardcastle becomes the leading Bournemouth try scorer in the league.

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