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The Bournemouth Rugby Family has pulled together to launch a Club Wide 1,111 Fundraising Campaign. All 19 teams, from Minis to 1st Team; including Wheelchair, Touch Rugby and our fantastic Volunteers will take part with the aim to get around all 6 Nations stadiums over the next few weeks, the first being Twickenham.

The 1,111 Campaign kicked off Sunday 7th June; each player/volunteer will run, walk, wheel miles each day and each team manager will compile their overall distance. Players will be encouraged to find sponsorship, with each team having a target of £1,111 to raise. As well as players obtaining their own individual sponsorship the club is encouraging the wider supporters of Bournemouth Rugby to choose a team to support and donate to the club’s GoFundMe page.

Bournemouth Rugby Operations Director Wendy King said “It has been amazing to see the support from our community with the incredible donations received so far to help reach our target of £20,000. On the back of this, we wanted to encourage full club engagement and a sense of fun competitiveness from within our rugby family. Could our Under 6 players get ahead of our 1st Team players, for instance.”

Wendy added “Our coaches have continued to support players virtually and this challenge will not only be fun, it will help to encourage our players to continue their fitness, get outside and bring the natural competitiveness of rugby off the pitch to a virtual platform for now.”

Anyone wishing to support a team is urged to visit the club’s GoFundMe page and simply add the team you wish to support in the comments section

Where is your team?

Penultimate Day Stats

  • Big push to get back to Chapel Gate see's teams closing in on the UK and three teams back at Chapel Gate already 

  • Congratulations to U10's, U13's and U9's 

  • Girls are in 4th but can any team over take them on the final day

  • Can you help us pass £10,000? Donate at

Day Twenty Stats

  • Into the last three days, three teams are back in the UK with only a few miles between them

  • Race is on, so many teams with less than 30 miles between them, one big push and places will change

  • This isn't just about completing miles, it's to raise funds to keep the club afloat and ready to move into next season

  • Donate at

Day Nineteen Stats

  • Thursday see's another 1,000 miles added to our total

  • Teams are making a big push to get back on Sunday

  • This isn't just about completing miles, it's to raise funds to keep the club afloat and ready to move into next season

  • Donate at

Day Eighteen Stats

  • Miles keep coming in, everyday over 1,000 completed

  • How many teams will make it back on Sunday? Only a few days remaining

  • This isn't just about completing miles, it's to raise funds to keep the club afloat and ready to move into next season

  • Donate at

Day Seventeen Stats

  • Over 4,000 miles completed in the race back to home

  • Close race back between U10, U9 and U13's

  • In 17 days Bournemouth Rugby has completed enough miles to travel around the world (24,901)

  • Total amount of miles completed so far 25,724

Day Sixteen Stats

  • Another day and another 1,000 miles added to the club total

  • Under 9's have taken an early lead closely followed by Under 10's 

  • Teams have left Rome on their way back home

  • Teams are recruiting for team members to help them get back home for Sunday

Day Fifthteen Stats

Day Fourteen Stats

  • If your team can reach their nearest Stadium a coach awaits

  • Yellow Coaches will transport our teams to Rome as long as they can reach their nearest stadium

  • Will the teams make it go forwards to the next stadium or backwards teams must decide

Day Thirteen Stats

Day Twelve Stats

  • Well past half way around the world and on the way back

  • Stuart Lane, Grant Hancox and Tim Robbins are the top three players putting in the miles for our senior teams 

  • A handfull of teams are now on route to Rome

  • Every mile counts doesn't matter if you complete 1 mile or 100 miles they all add up, as does your donations should it be the price of a coffee or alot more we are greatfull for whatever you can donate

Day Eleven Stats

Day Ten Stats

  • Another day and another 1,000 miles added to the club total

  • Under 10's are the run away leaders and have now reached Italy, but will it be a case of the Tortoise and the Hare 

  • Under 13's are in second half way across France

  • Over £8,000 raised so far with the taget of £20,000, remember to donate at putting the team who you'd like to donate towards. 

Day Nine Stats

  • Wow, we have run, cycled, walked as a club half way around the world

  • Race is hotting up between some teams

  • Team TR Lions, Under 12's and Volunteers 80 miles between them

  • Team MS Lions and Under 6, 7 8's are only 3 miles apart with Wheelchair rugby only a further 19 miles up the road

Day Eight Stats

  • Over 11,111 Miles complete

  • Two teams now in France well done under 12's and under 10's

  • Total raised so far just under £8000

  • Under 9's and Under 14's put in some big increases in miles per day

Week One Stats

  • 9063 Miles complete

  • In one week Bournemouth Rugby have managed to travel from the club to Australia 

  • Over £4,000 in donations have been made in the last 7 days

  • Under 10's are only 50km outside of Paris

Day Six Stat's

  • 7418 Miles completed to date

  • Total miles completed so far would nearly reach Jakarta in Indonesia

  • Only 32 miles between first and second

  • Half of our teams have now reach Ireland

Day Five Stat's

  • Just shy of 6,000 Miles completed on day five

  • Total miles completed so far would nearly reach Bangkok

  • Volunteers are moving up fast with the most amount of miles completed

  • Under 16's might have got off to a slow start but massive jump in one day

Day Four Stat's

Day Three Stat's

  • Over 1,000 Miles completed on day three

  • Total miles completed so far would reach to New York

  • Most improved team Volunteers with day on day improvements 

  • Under 10's well out in front but long way to go

Day Two Stat's

  • Another 883 Miles completed on day two 

  • Total miles completed so far would reach to Cairo in Egypt

  • Under 10's have completed most miles so far at 417miles

  • Our Girls followed closely by Under 12's have raised the most money so far

Day One stat's

  • Total miles run 1196 or just under 2,000km with some teams still to collate their miles.

  • Over £1,000 raised

  • In first place Under 10's, followed by Under 15's and Bournemouth Girls

  • Youngest person taking part 2 years old and oldest been 85 years old

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