Bill Buckler from Bayview Developments discusses the power of passion, not being too greedy and planning with principles in mind. His unique measurement for good ROI includes a healthy dose of good karma too.

Why did you choose to get involved with Bournemouth Rugby?

I got to know the Croker brothers* socially over the last few years. I was impressed with their energy and ambition to progress and transform the mindset of the club into a professional entity, despite competing in an amateur league. As we all know, success starts with having a long-term vision and winning goals in mind, and I can see that James and Will are doing this for Bournemouth Rugby. It struck a chord with my business, Bayview Developments. We’re a growing, dynamic and professional business doing well in our field, so it just felt right to say yes when James asked me to get involved.”

Why did you decide to sponsor a match and what do you get out of it?

Because James told me I should [Laugh]!

No, in truth, I am all up for youth sport and fitness, and developing a sense of team play. I just wanted to help a business that is doing such a good job working in the local community. Here at Bayview Developments, we’re not your typical ruthless developer. We’ve built up a great reputation for sustainable and sympathetic developments, and we carry that compassionate trait outside the office too. We tend to support charities that we have a personal connection with. Although Bournemouth Rugby isn’t a charity, sponsoring a match just gives us that feelgood factor of knowing you are doing something good in your local community.”

Tell us a bit more about Bayview Developments and what stands you apart from your competitors?

We’re a dynamic property development business but we’re a bit different as we’re essentially led by principles. We specialise in buying land, old and tired ‘brownfield’ sites, and achieving appropriate planning permissions, often for change of use, and creating something beautiful and new. We believe in regenerating old land; I guess it’s the ultimate in recycling.

Saying that we have a diverse portfolio of property from million-pound houses in Westbourne to beautiful homes in Swanage and Burton surrounded by fields. What’s common is we incorporate forward thinking modern

features as well as preserving heritage features that respect the provenance of a building. And after 25 years in business, we are excited to be building our first brand new thatched cottage.”

Whether it’s property or potatoes, what’s your top business tip?

Be Passionate! Our team is totally passionate about what we do. If you’re going to be successful, you have to be passionate about your business. This passion really echoes out from Bournemouth Rugby too. We are passionate about beautiful design and beautiful architecture; when you’re passionate you become quite good at what you do. Then your

business becomes genuine. People want to work with genuine brands and genuine people. It’s a circle of success.”

What are you hoping for from your relationship with Bournemouth Rugby?

I became aware of Bournemouth Rugby back when my son trained at Chapel Gate as a 10yr old. Personal connection always steers us in the direction of what business to support one way or another. We like to put our money where our hearts are so to speak, and over the years we have also supported local charities such as the specialist Portfield School just next door to Chapel Gate, the Lewis Manning Hospice, Livability Victoria Education Centre and Planets Charity.

We’re not a greedy developer. There’s more to life than money and we like to give a bit back. It’s as simple as one local business doing well, wanting to support another local business doing well. I guess it’s all about good karma – that’s the best return of all wouldn’t you say?”

James Croker, Bournemouth Rugby CEO and Will Croker, Director of Rugby

Written on World Mental Health Day 10 October 2018

Bournemouth Rugby is supporting the MyTime charity this season. All donations and support are greatly received. Find out more about MyTime charity

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