Thu 01 Feb 2018 11:57

217 Events is a Bournemouth based company that splits into two specialist categories, the first specialises in connecting brand with consumer through fun, interactive photographic experiences. We've helped provide both big brands and up and coming businesses create instant social media campaigns, create fun customer surveys or just have a jolly good time with a good old photo booth!! The other side of our business focuses on Events, from planning and theming the perfect event, through to supplying top notch DJs and LED lettering for events and festivals.

CO Founder Emma Davies says- The decision to Partner with Bournemouth Rugby was an easy decision to make. The work the team have done and continue to do to bring Rugby out into the community and Schools along with the push for girls rugby is something i hold close to my heart. As a seasoned Rugby player I wasn't given the opportunity to play at School but found it years later and fell in love with the game.

217 Events are proud to partner with Bournemouth Ruby and will continue to offer support throughout the 125th year anniversary season and beyond.

(217 Photo booth been used by Viper 10 at Bournemouth Rugby 7's left. Right cheerleaders photo by 217 team photo booth)

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