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Sue Reid Events Coordinator

As Bournemouth Rugby continues to grow and develop our Pre Match lunch has increased in numbers with the last one selling out. Sue Reid helps us to coordinate this and has become our Events Coordinator at Bournemouth Rugby this season. We have spoken to Sue about why she has become a volunteer at Bournemouth Rugby.

Q: As you didn't have any prior links to Bournemouth Rugby, what made you want to be involved with Bournemouth Rugby?

A: I have always been a big fan of rugby, even playing touch rugby when I lived in Singapore. Then living in Clapham I was lucky enough to be able to see a lot of games at the Stoop and Twickenham.

When I moved to Bournemouth I started volunteering at a local charity Diverse Abilities and attending various networking events to promote both the charity and my work as a freelance event manager. Last summer I attended one such event where James and Will Croker presented the new vision for Bournemouth Rugby Club. I was impressed by the club's vision and it's focus on the community and I started talking to Wendy and Jacqui about how Diverse Abilities and Bournemouth Rugby could potentially work together. They suggested I came along to see the team in action and asked if I would be interested in volunteering on home match days. When the season started again I came along to the first match I could, and the rest as they say is history.

Q: You've been involved for approximately 6 months now, what do you like most about being involved with the club?

A: Having mainly watched teams such as the Quins, Leicester Tigers and various internationals / 6Nations matches, I was really impressed with the passion of the players and supporters and have seen some great matches. Helping to manage the pre-match lunches I am also lucky enough to spend some time with various of the partners and fans. The newly formed Pride of Lions has also a great opportunity to meet local businesses and get involved in Dorset-based charities and causes.

Q: You are a very busy lady with your own Events Planning business and a dab hand at DIY. How do you juggle this?

A: Well, being a seasoned project manager certainly helps .

A couple of years ago I was a contracting with a global charity, working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day – and this wasn’t the first job/contract where that had been the case. Part of my reasoning for moving to the coast was to get a better balance within my life. I may still work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week – but it’s on a variety of projects. Renovating properties, volunteering with various charities or organising events. Being self-employed gives me the flexibility to not only prioritise, but also carve out time for myself. Having this portfolio approach means I can pick and choose my projects. Bottom-line, if it looks fun, and it’s for a cause I believe in, I’ll jump at the chance to get involved, even if it means I am still living on a bit of a building site.

Q:As a professional business owner, you understand the importance of being involved with a community club, what tips would you give other professionals considering volunteering?
A: Even at my first Bournemouth match I felt a great community spirit wider than just what was happening the pitch. The players, volunteers, partners and fans all have a great pride not only in the club, but in Bournemouth Town itself.

There are the obvious benefits to volunteering —a sense of accomplishment, giving back to others, gaining perspective, developing new skills and meeting new people. Don’t underestimate the value of the network you can build; as a business professional, owner or like myself a self-employed contractor, it can be a significant source of opportunities.

To sum it, up for me volunteering at the Club, means I get to watch some great and to be honest sometimes frustrating rugby (but hey I support Scotland so am more used to that than most), meet lots of people and build new friendships, attend a wide variety of events, support local charities and causes, all with the added benefit of having fun.

If you are planning an event and need someone to manage it end to end, or just some extra resource , why not contact Sue to discuss your needs, 07990 563068.

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