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Youth round up

This weekend saw lots of Rugby played with what was a cold but dry Sunday. Some of our younger teams had travelled to Weymouth for joint training. Back at Chapel Gate training continued as normal. The girls saw a number of teams visit for their first pitch up and play event, 68 girls from local teams playing against our own Lionessess, with the U15's loosing by a narrow margin and the U13's winning keeping their winning streak for the season going. As someone pointed out they are the only Bournemouth side to have not lost this season. Well done and keep it up.

Under 6

So after the hard and dry plains of the Hockey pitch last week normal service as resumed on the muddy grasslands, the weather was a tad nippy so keeping moving was the aim of the day. A few running and handling drills to warm the hands and legs followed by some frantic shark chasing soon warmed the littlest of the lions up.

So came the slalom drill, an excellent first round with some excellent swerving of the poles and passing to coaches but somehow the gate had been left open and 'Sammy the Lion' was now on the prowl eyeing up the smallest of the group for breakfast, little did Sammy know but the guys these days show no fear and it was the lion that was being hunted. Keen to impress Sammy tried to outrun the guys but accepting defeat was his only option during the traditional end of session Bulldog. We think the boys enjoyed having Sammy around, so he's more than welcome to come again but we feel it might need several weeks of rest before he's feels strong (or brave) enough to rejoin the group.

As usual a big welcome to our new joiners, and a very big well done to the medal winners, a reward for improving week on week, competition will be fierce for the honours going forward so we need to keep up the good work.

(Our Under 6 Players with Sammy the Lion)

Under 7

This weekend we travelled to an away fixture at Weymouh. It was quite chilly but our little lions played fantastic rugby.

Under 8

Big thanks to everyone from the Under 8's who braved the cold this weekend.
Especial kudos to Daniel Connolly who kept everyone moving with a great variety of drills and games so we didn't notice the cold.
With a focus on Teamwork and Respect this week, there maybe a few learning opportunities still to work on, but there is no doubt that we have lots of committed and competitive players to who want to succeed.
Respect to those players to bounced back from knocks to bodies and egos when things went against them.

Under 10

Home or away you are amazing!
You are ticking all the boxes when it comes to following through on the principles of play.
Contest Posession........Go forward.....Provide Support.....Continuity.....Apply Pressure.......Score Points.

Well done Dan H for earning Bully the Shark player of steel, keep up your consistency in defence and attack.
Well done also Jack G, Korbin C, Alex T for Rippa Rugby players of the week.

Under 11

We saw everyone put in great effort away at Weymouth. Every single one of the team put in a shift in defensive and offence I stopped counting after the 20th try to their 1
For me two best plays of the day definitely;
1 -Sonny pass behind his back 'Fijian Style' to a cheer from the sidelines....
2 - Millie & Seb combining and binding onto each other to drive a maul over 10 metres to set up a try ....
Great job you should all be proud of yourselves and how far as a team you have come this year !!

This week our players of the week were chosen by the Weymouth coaches

Well done Sonny defender of the day

Well done Noah attacker of the day

Thank you to our Team Partners Beauty No1, Coast and Country, DAL Strategy, Ocean Yacht Systems, Rhico


Sunday saw Bournemouth Rugby host a Girls Pitch up and Play. With players from Dorchester, Fawley, Havent, Sherborne and North Dorset attending. It was great to see 68 players training and playing matches against each other. Hosting a pitch up and play enables teams that do not have a full side the opportunity to join other teams to create a side to allow them to play a full game.

Both the under 13's and 15's all worked well as a team to show great improvement and team work within their games. With the under 15's they joined by some in-experianced and county players and supported each other to play a very close game against a very experianced side.

We were delighted to see Kate from Wessex TEAM Training and her family on the sidelines supporting the girls.

Under 16

The under 16's have visited their shirt sponsors for a photo shoot to thank them for their sponsorship.

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